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Managing your grief and anxiety during a pandemic

As the Coronavirus epidemic in the New York Metro Area enters its third week of quarantine, we all seem to be stuck in a nonstop news cycle that can lead to undue anxiety about COVID-19. Many people are understandably sharing concerns and talking to their family and friends, and at times, surfing the web, the television news channels, and social media sites to gather information, including potential misinformation.

Here are a few suggestions to help lower the anxiety level and create a more positive and meaningful quarantine experience:

  • Avoid over – information
  • Only use trusted sources for the basis of the information you seek
  • Focus less on the horrors of the disease and more on the day to day life we have
  • Create a sense of safety and calm for children and loved ones
  • Maintain some semblance of routines to help create meaning in the days
  • Try to stick to the roles you have carved out in your life
  • Maintain balance…let everyone have the extra dessert, but let’s take a longer walk
  • Create a new normal by increasing the value of homebound routines and tasks
  • Think about what you say and how you say them
  • Seek help if you can not manage the anxiety on your own

All of this sounds great, but, is easier said than done.  The ways I have taken accountability and tried to implement these suggestions in my life has been taking the lead on cooking the meals, making supply runs for elderly relatives, and playing daily outdoor sports and activities with my children.

Within the confines of my business, I have taken the lead on implementing new and creative ways to help grieving families honor their loved ones while keeping safe distances and adhering to the mandates set for by local government.  At Jerusalem Memorial Chapels, we have developed some of the most cutting-edge technology to allow families to be part of the ceremony in real time without a physical presence. The upcoming re-launch of our website will allow families to do every task associated with planning a funeral or a Pre-Need all from the comfort of their own couch or desk.

When this short-term quarantine is over, and we return to the next “new normal”, the world will have changed around us.  Let’s embrace the opportunity to share downtime with loved ones, catch up on tasks we have put off, and remember the old Jewish adage everyone’s grandmother has said: “This too shall pass”

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      If this is an emergency please contact us via phone at (516) 418-7000.

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