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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use JMC if we want a graveside service?

Graveside services make sense in many instances, and JMC is dedicated to creating a warm, concierge level memorial for your family.


JMC will provide:

Specialized staff at the cemetery to guide family and friends

Seating for those loved ones who can not stand at the grave site
A wireless microphone and speaker to ensure all attendees can hear the words spoken
Yarmulkes, head coverings, tissues, and prayer cards for all attendees

What cemeteries does JMC service?

JMC performs services at all area cemeteries including New Montefiore, Wellwood, Beth David, Mount Lebanon, Montefiore, Mount Ararat, Calverton, Pinelawn, Mount Golda, Mount Hebron, Beth Moses, and many more. We also service the Jewish Cemeteries in Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Can a family expect a saving when planning a funeral with JMC?

At JMC, we have devised a pricing model that allows for significant savings from our competitors while giving exceptional service. Our philosophy of a value based pricing model is dependent on giving the families the experience they deserve while keeping costs manageable.

What about the quality of your service?

Many funeral homes claim to provide great service, JMC intends to prove it. We have taken the last 15 years cultivating a strategy to provide every family with the exceptional service they deserve. JMC takes pride in eliminating many of the pitfalls that plague other funeral homes, and streamline the experience so the families are cared for and allowed to focus on healing.

While each and every family is different, our flexibility is tailored to make sure that each individual is given the service they require.

Do you arrange for a Rabbi or other religious services if we need one?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY. We have relationships with many exceptional rabbis who can provide an appropriate service tailored to your needs. We also partner with the The Chevra Kadisha of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens to provide additional religious services including Tahara ( the ceremonial washing ) and Shomer (watcher/guardian to the soul).

What happens if my loved one dies outside of New York?

This is a common occurrence that we have tremendous experience dealing with. We will coordinate all matters in the city that death has occurred to transport your loved one to our chapel for an appropriate funeral service and burial.

What if we want to plan things in advance?

Planning in advance is one way to help alleviate some of the anxiety that accompanies times of loss. From being able to control the costs, to making informed decisions without the weight of a loss, planning ahead can be very helpful. There are definitive estate planning benefits as well. Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment to discuss the details of pre-planning funerals.

Does JMC help with the design and placement of a monument?

Yes, we have a monument division that helps families with every step of the monument process. Monuments can also be part of a PrePlan funeral. Contact us for more information.

What information should I bring when making funeral arrangements?

We will ask you to provide statistical information that the state issuing the certificate of death will require, including date and place of birth, social security number, and parents’ names including mother’s maiden name. For a complete list of information needed please click here.

You may also want to bring any cemetery information you have, including a cemetery deed if available.

What if the burial is to take place outside of New York State?

Many families have cemetery plots in the Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Mid Atlantic areas, and we have vast experience with out of town burials…even Israel. Our staff will coordinate every detail to ease your burden and make sure it is a seamless event.

Does the funeral service need to be held within 24 hours after someone passes away?

Jewish tradition encourages us to have the funeral service without unnecessary delay, but it is not required to have the service within 24 hours. In today’s world, with families spread across the country, it is customary to wait 1-3 days to hold a service in order to allow close family the opportunity to attend.

I am not Jewish. What should I expect at the funeral? Is there a viewing? Do you accept flowers? What is appropriate to send to the funeral home or shiva house?

The funeral service is very similar to non-Jewish religious funeral services, with the exception of the fact that the casket is closed. In lieu of viewing or visitation, the family generally receives visitors starting 45 minutes to an hour prior to the announced service time.

Most Jewish families do not have flowers at the funeral service. Charitable contribution suggestions are preferred. Some people prefer to send a food tray or fruit basket to the shiva house.

What Social Security benefits may I be entitled to?

We notify Social Security of a person’s passing, but benefits vary greatly depending on family situations. We recommend you contact Social Security directly. As a general rule, a surviving spouse is entitled to a one-time death benefit payment. They may also be entitled to have the higher of the two payments if their spouse’s benefit was higher than the surviving spouse’s. Social Security benefits are applied for by the family.

I served in the military. Are there Veteran's benefits that I may be entitled to? How do I plan for military honors at the funeral and graveside?

Veteran’s benefits also vary and you can contact the VA for full information at 1-800-827-1000. A veteran with an honorable discharge may have a flag on their casket and be eligible for an honor guard at the cemetery. We will arrange for a flag and will contact the honor guard, as long as we receive the requisite honorable discharge paperwork with enough advance notice.

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      If this is an emergency please contact us via phone at (516) 418-7000.

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